One thing all Amazon sellers can agree on is that if you want to make money on Amazon, your products need to be ranked on page one.

It’s one of the most obvious parts of selling on Amazon, if a particular product shows up for multiple high volume keywords on the top of the search results, there is a good chance that product will get a decent amount of organic sales because more eyeballs equal more sales.

In order to achieve that, many sellers in the past have used launch services such as Viral Launch, Zonjump, Sixleaf, and MarketHustl.

The problem with these services is that they require sellers to do highly discounted product giveaways, which still help to get ranked on Amazon.

However, there are two major flaws with the traditional method of products launched with a heavy discount/coupon code

  1. Buyers who use a 70%+ discount code are commonly blocked from leaving product reviews
  2. Products sold a full price boost the Amazon A9 Algorithm more so than a discounted product

So what is a good solution for this? It’s quite obvious, do a product giveaway launch, but make the sales look like full price sales instead of a discounted sales on Amazon’s platform.

Sounds great! But how can we go about this? Well, that’s where Rebatekey comes in handy.

What is Rebatekey?

RebateKey, is a rebate platform. Remember back in the day when purchasing stuff you could get $20 dollars off if you mailed in the UPC code and the rebate form and you would get the $20 dollars by check a few weeks later?

Same concept but in the digital age.

So clever Amazon sellers have turned Rebatekey into a relatively new launch service alternative that works by getting you ranked quickly on Amazon with full priced sales.

So how does it work?

Once a customer makes a full price purchase via Rebatekey, you will give a rebate/refund to the customer after 35 days of purchase through Rebatekay’s payment wallet.

It’s simple as that!

As an example: If a customer buys a $9.98 Bride to be Sash via Rebatekey, the customer will be refunded the $9.98 paid for the Sash after 35 days.

This is so powerful because unlike other product launch giveaway services, you can get the benefit of getting full price sales, and it will be more impactful during a product launch.

Now, how about this? What if you use Rebatekey with a Super URL with the help of a service such as

Full price sales with Amazon’s exact buyer URL?

It would be the ultimate product launch right!? Yes, that’s exactly right!

How to do a successful product launch with and Rebatekey?

Step 01: Create a account and create a Supreme URL by entering the product ASIN, Amazon marketplace you sell in, and the keywords you want to target.

Step 02: Create a Rebatekey account as a seller. Once you are asked to enter the URL to the Amazon product page, enter the Supreme URL you created before.

And ta-dah! Your product listing is live on Rebatekey.

Step 03: Let the existing Rebatekey customers buy your product and help you rank your product or drive external Facebook/Instagram traffic to the Rebatekey product page and drive sales that way.

Step 04: Lay back, relax and watch your rankings go up! Be sure to use a keyword tracker such as Zonwords.

Wanna test the ultimate product launch system yourself?

Just think about how much you can gain by launching a product with Rebatekey and You will get full priced sales from Amazon’s exact organic product purchase URL and you will get able to get those initial reviews very easily as well because you have to ability to contact your buyers via RebateKey. What else do you want?!

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