Intuitive Dashboard 

Intuitive Dashboard

Get all the link data that matters with a bird's-eye view of your links and their performance from a single, sleek dashboard.

Real-time click tracking

Stay on top of your data with real-time tracking on every click, tap, and swipe. All your link clicks are divided into total and unique clicks so you never miss a single traffic source.

All the data you need, nothing you don't

Sort your link statistics by date, campaigns, tags, and custom time frames so you no longer waste time searching for the right data. Thanks to this you’ll be able to track links individually or by campaigns to see how they perform over time.

Track clicks based on location

Empower yourself with detailed metrics all the way down to the local country and city level. Thanks to this data you can see how much traffic comes from specific regions, and use it to get your links in front of the right people.

  • Top cities
  • Top countries
  • Geovisualization

Track clicks based on device

One link. Multiple platforms. View all devices and browsers visitors use to access your links and use this data to redirect them to specific URLs.

Never let broken
links cost you sales

Whenever there’s a problem with one of your links, it will appear on your dashboard so you can fix it quickly.

Never hunt for an affiliate link again

Pixelfy keeps track of all your affiliate links. Just add them and we’ll show you where your referrers are coming from to ensure you earn your commissions.

Looking for more features?
Yep, we’ve got a lot of stuff!

Export data

Download any type of data you need in XLS and CSV formats.

See trends

Discover traffic trends over different periods.

Watch top links

Easily find out your best-performing tracking links.

Live map

Explore and interact with your data in real-time with data visualization.

Set custom
date ranges

Define custom time ranges to watch how your links perform

over time.

Unique VS
total clicks

Track all your unique clicks so you never miss a lead again.

Stop wasting leads and money

Gain full control over your links today