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Take your data trends analysis further by setting unique UTM tags on each tracking link to see exactly where the traffic is coming from.

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Review the performance of your links and stay on top of any traffic changes with daily, weekly, and monthly progress reports.

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Mobile targeting allows you to redirect mobile visitors to different URLs depending on their operating system. Your iPhone users will be redirected to iPhone-specific links and Android users to Android-specific URLs.

Once enabled, this feature will redirect users to specific, in-app locations, thus creating a better customer experience.

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The link expiration feature allows you to create a temporary short URL. The Link expiration settings feature comes deactivated by default, but, once active, it will display three sections called "Select time limit", "Set click limit", and "Expiration URL".

You can either set a date or a click limit and have to provide an Expiration URL - the new destination URL visitors will be redirected after the old one expires.

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To save your time and let you review your link performance more dynamically, we will send three different types of reports: Daily Email Reports, Weekly Email Reports, and Monthly Email Reports.

Each report will provide you with very important insights into the performance of your Tracking Links.

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You can store as many Tracking Codes as you would like in so that you can then embed them into your Tracking Links.

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You can use our powerful URL Rotator to test up to 50 different links for more natural patterns, run A/B tests, rotate up to 50 different keywords, combine links, or just randomize your Super URLs to see which is more effective.

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