Track your ad campaign performance in Google Analytics and see where your traffic is coming from using UTM tags.

What can you track with UTM Tags?

Social media

Find out which social media content was most effective on different channels.


Track just about anything that involves someone clicking on your links.

Email marketing

Measure the traffic generated by promotional emails containing links.

UTM Source

Track the website or platform that visitors came from. You could include Bing, Google, Facebook, Instagram, or other individual sources from your marketing channels.

UTM Medium

Identify the type of advertising campaign visitors used to access your links. This could be email, social media, organic search, PPC, email, or any other advertising campaign.

UTM Campaign

See the unique name of the marketing

campaign that the link is a part of.

UTM Campaign Term

Use this parameter for paid search campaigns to track relevant ad-based keywords. This helps you identify which keyword(s) resulted in a site visit.

UTM Campaign content

Identify where traffic is stemming from if there are identical links on a single page - like an email or a landing page with a few CTAs.

Looking for more features?
Yep, we’ve got a lot of stuff!

Sort links with link tags

Collect, organize and display links with unique tags.

Add custom domains

Brand your tracking links with your domains.

Add tracking codes

Track your marketing campaigns using tracking codes.

QR Codes

Reach customers offline with personalized QR Codes.

Track clicks in real-time

Stay on top of your link data with real-time tracking.

Split link

Test out different destinations by splitting traffic between them.

Stop wasting leads and money

Gain full control over your links today