Link Rotator
& A/B Tester 

Link Rotator
& A/B Tester

Test several links at once and distribute traffic between them to find out which one is driving the most traffic.

Rotate multiple links

Drive traffic across up to 50 different

destinations of your choice using just one link.

Run A/B tests

Split your traffic to different landing pages

without the hassle of sharing several links on your page.

Choose your redirect mode

Select the way you want to rotate your tracking links. Either assign a custom traffic percentage to each URL or let them

rotate randomly.

  • Sequential mode
  • Weighted mode
  • Random
  • Sequential by user

Edit link destinations

Add, delete and edit your link destinations at any time, without needing to create a new link. Change the percentage of traffic to each destination on the fly, or replace the destinations entirely.

Looking for more features?
Yep, we’ve got a lot of stuff!

Sort links with link tags

Collect, organize and display links with unique tags.

Add custom domains

Brand your tracking links with your own domains.

Add tracking codes

Track your marketing campaigns using tracking codes.

QR Codes

Reach customers offline with personalized QR Codes.

Track clicks in real-time

Stay on top of your link data with real-time tracking.

Split link

Test out different destinations by splitting traffic between them.

Stop wasting leads and money

Gain full control over your links today