Link Redirects 

Change the destination of any of your tracking links, including QR codes, in seconds. 

iOS & Android Redirect

Redirect users to specific tracking links based on their operating system. If this feature is enabled, every iPhone user will be redirected to iOS links and Android users to Android links.


Deliver different content or advertisements to users based on their country, state, city, or even region

404 Redirect

Add a unique link to serve as a default error page for users visiting a domain that is misspelled or no longer exists.

QR Codes Redirect

Change a part – not the entire code! Easily update the destination URL of your QR codes anytime you need to avoid invalid URLs.

Expiration Link Redirect

Add a new destination URL that visitors will be redirected to when your tracking link expires.

Looking for more features?
Yep, we’ve got a lot of stuff!

Add custom domains

Brand your tracking links with your own domains.

Add tracking codes

Track your marketing campaigns using tracking codes.

Create deep

Send mobile users directly to an app instead of a website.

referrer URL

Replace the original referrer URL with your own short link.

QR Codes

Reach customers offline with personalized QR Codes.


Distinguish URLs by setting up different URL redirects.

Stop wasting leads and money

Gain full control over your links today