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Walmart Ranking Reinvented

Your Walmart brand has to get to the top! Skyrocket your product ranking and track your traffic with keyword embedded Super URLs used by 1000’s of Top Walmart Sellers.

Walmart Retailer URL

A Walmart search engine Super URL that filters your product by retailer name, keyword, and price.

Keyword rotator

Rotate up to 50 different URLs or links for more natural traffic patterns. Run A/B tests, promote multiple keywords, combine links, or just randomize your Walmart Retailer URLs to see which is more effective.

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Supreme URLs

The newest and most powerful Pixelfy link is here! This tool mimics the organic keyword searches generated from outside traffic like search engines and helps you rank crazy fast for a minimum budget.

Search Find Buy URL

This tool is the most effective way to drive organic traffic by prompting customers to find your products in a series of simple steps. Works well if used for unique offers such as big discounts or rebates.

Buy Together URL

Show up in the ‘frequently bought together’ section of your listing, by directing traffic to a button which adds two items to your cart. With enough purchases of two items, they will appear in the ‘frequently bought together’ section for both listings.

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More features


Generate link specific QR codes with the click of a button.


Add retargeting pixels from facebook, google and more to retarget your link visitors.

<1 hour reply time

Enjoy the shortest response time to any request or injury. (during normal business hours of course!)

Mobile deep linking

Allows our links to open in native iphone or android apps instead of the mobile we browser.

Link redirects

Instantly edit any link to redirect traffic to a new URL on the fly. Does not change the original shortened URL.

Hide refferal

Block the referring sites URL so your traffic source is hidden from the landing page sites metrics.


Any visitor from Europe can accept or deny the GDPR cookies on each link.


See who clicks, shares and interacts with your links

Answers to frequently asked
questions about Pixelfy

What is a URL shortener?A URL shortener is a perfect tool to make your links memorable and easier for people to remember. It works by transforming any long URL into easier-to-read and remember links that have a positive impact on your marketing efforts.

What is the main benefit of a short URL?Shortened URLs have more aesthetic appeal and look much more attractive to online users. All because it’s easier for readers to click, copy, and share short links rather than super long ones. 

What tools do you offer for Walmart sellers?Pixelfy’s Walmart Retailer URL is a keyword-embedded Super URL that filters your product by retailer name and keyword and helps you rank higher on search results. 

Will Pixelfy help me rank higher on Walmart?Of course, it will! Pixelfy offers powerful Walmart ranking tools and features to help you rank your product higher by stimulating organic searches. 

Can I add tracking codes to my Walmart Super URL?Absolutely! You can add as many tracking codes as you would like in your Walmart Super URLs. Whenever a tracking code is embedded in your link, anyone who clicks on that link will automatically be tagged with a tracking code, and can then be retargeted through the corresponding marketing channel.

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