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in seconds URL shortener that creates trackable short links


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Branded links: dominate your domain

On average, short branded links get 35% higher click rates. Why? Oh right… trust factor. More trust means you boost your brand exposure, loyalty, and customer engagement.

Link Shortener: razor sharp targeting

Use simple and customized links to drive traffic with specific calls to action while tracking which link gets the most clicks or conversion. Supercharge your marketing efforts with retargeting pixels.

Stats Tracking: analyze, don’t agonize

With Pixelfy, analyzing your clicks won't be a pain! Each link gives you a full view of critical metrics about your traffic and insight on user behavior.

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More features

A colorful QR code icon

Generate link specific QR codes with the click of a button.

A colorful three overlapping circles icon on home page

Add retargeting pixels from facebook, google and more to retarget your link visitors.

A colorful less than one hour icon on home page
<1 hour reply time

Enjoy the shortest response time to any request or inquiry (during normal business hours of course!)

A colorful phone with an illustration showing the deep links
Mobile deep linking

Allows our links to open in native iphone or android apps instead of the mobile web browser.

Users can redirect traffic from one link to another
Link redirects

Instantly edit any link to redirect traffic to a new URL on the fly. Does not change the original shortened URL.

A colorful hidden password icon on a hite background
Hide refferal

Block the referring sites' URL so your traffic source is hidden from the landing page sites metrics.

A colorful GDPR icon with stars

Any visitor from Europe can accept or deny the GDPR cookies on each link.

A colorful gun chamber icon

Rotate up to 50 different links using sequential, weighted, random or sequential by user methods.

Answers to frequently asked
questions about Pixelfy

A URL shortener is the perfect simple tool to make your links memorable and easier for people to remember. Simply put, link shorteners work by transforming any long URL into an easier-to-read and remember link that shares the same destination.

Shortened URLs have more aesthetic appeal and look much more attractive for online users. All because it’s easier for readers to click, copy, and share short links rather than super long ones. offers a variety of tools and features to fit all your requirements. Creators, small businesses, large enterprises, Amazon sellers, individual bloggers, affiliate marketers, developers, and simple social media users – if you’re looking for a link management platform, then is the right choice.

Yes, with your account you can track every click on a short link and where they came from as well as how many leads it brought in for your company! goes beyond just link shortening. It offers a variety of tools and features to take link management to the next level: link branding, QR code generator, link redirect, link analytics, and many more features.

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