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Supreme 3.0

The newest and most powerful Pixelfy link is here! This tool mimics the organic keyword searches generated from outside traffic like search engines and helps you rank crazy fast for a minimum budget.

PixelfyMe tool helping Amazon sellers improve their organic search

Supreme 2.0

Ranked as the most popular and time-tested ranking tool, this link stimulates organic search by ASIN or keyword within the Amazon platform. Since it has already gone through several versions of Amazon’s algorithms, it guarantees results despite Amazon’s changes.

Ranking Reinvented

Your Amazon brand has to get to the top! Skyrocket your product ranking and track your traffic with keyword embedded Super URLs used by 1000’s of Top Amazon Sellers.

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Search Find Buy URL

PixelfyMe tool to drive organic traffic to Amazon products

This tool is the most effective way to drive organic traffic by prompting customers to find your products in a series of simple steps. Works well if used for unique offers such as big discounts or rebates.

Boost your promotion efficiency

Don't waste your ad budgets. Your promotions can be much more effective thanks to advanced statistics and professional Amazon-focused

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Link Analytics

Save your time on analysis! Easily track the performance of every link, see what traffic source or influencer is driving the best results, and gain insights into different market metrics.


Want to reduce your ad budget? Bring back customers who were interested in your previous offers and increase the effectiveness of your ads.

OG images for every link

In case you’re using links to promote your products on Facebook, this tool will increase your CTR by displaying your link along with a colorful banner of your choice.

Any URL Shortener

PixelfyMe URL shortener that shortens long links

Boost your AD conversions with beautiful and branded links that inspire trust in your customers.

Buy Together URL

Show up in the ‘frequently bought together’ section of your listing, by directing traffic to a button which adds two items to your cart. With enough purchases of two items, they will appear in the ‘frequently bought together’ section for both listings.

Link Rotator

PixelfyMe URL Rotator that shows how users can rotate links

Rotate up to 50 different URLs or links for more natural traffic patterns. Run A/B tests, promote multiple keywords, combine links, or just randomize your SuperURLs to see which is more effective.

Tools built for Amazon sellers to track, rank and gain an advantage!

Every seller needs to utilize the latest tools to stay ahead of the competiton. Pixelfy builds these tools and constantly adds new functions to give you an edge.

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Amazon Choice URL

Amazon's Choice badge ensures your products are on top of customers' lists. Use it to get more sales by giving Amazon the impression that your product is preferred by Alexa itself!

PixelfyMe tool shortening long product links into short

Add To Cart URL

PixelfyMe tool to accelerate rank growing

Conversions generated through this URL give Amazon the impression that the purchase originated from Amazon Alexa. With enough purchases, this increases your probability of earning the ‘Amazon Choice’ badge, often leading to increased organic sales.

Best Seller URL

The Amazon Bestseller badge on a colorful pattern

Create unique URLs that organically imitate ‘Alexa’s Best Seller’ results and helps you get Amazon's Bestseller Badge.

Use in webpage embeded chat bots that exist only on your landing pages for customer to interact with.

PixelfyMe chatbot conversation between brand and customer

Grasp customers' attention with web chats

Get ready-to-use wepage chat bots that you can create hosted flows and sequences to direct customers to take specific actions.

More features

A colorful QR code icon

Generate link specific QR codes with the click of a button.

A colorful three overlapping circles icon on home page

Add retargeting pixels from facebook, google and more to retarget your link visitors.

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<1 hour reply time

Enjoy the shortest response time to any request or inquiry (during normal business hours of course!)

A colorful phone with an illustration showing the deep links
Mobile deep linking

Allows our links to open in native iphone or android apps instead of the mobile web browser.

Users can redirect traffic from one link to another
Link redirects

Instantly edit any link to redirect traffic to a new URL on the fly. Does not change the original shortened URL.

A colorful hidden password icon on a hite background
Hide refferal

Block the referring sites' URL so your traffic source is hidden from the landing page sites metrics.

A colorful GDPR icon with stars

Any visitor from Europe can accept or deny the GDPR cookies on each link.

A colorful gun chamber icon

Rotate up to 50 different links using sequential, weighted, random or sequential by user methods.

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Answers to frequently asked
questions about Pixelfy

A URL shortener is the perfect simple tool to make your links memorable and easier for people to remember. Simply put, link shorteners work by transforming any long URL into an easier-to-read and remember link that shares the same destination.

Shortened URLs have more aesthetic appeal and look much more attractive for online users. All because it’s easier for readers to click, copy, and share short links rather than super long ones.

Of course, you can! With you can transform any of your affiliate links into short, and appealing URLs, and track every single click that comes with it.

The shorter the link - the better the ranking. Shorter URLs tend to rank better than long URLs, which makes them a winner when trying to rank higher in the search results. allows you to create concise and aesthetically pleasing links, while also being able to glean additional information about your links’ performance. Our keyword embedded Super URLs will help you skyrocket your product ranking, maximize your ad efficiency, win Amazon selling badges and track any traffic that comes with your links.

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