Jul 14, 2022

How to Find a Specific Seller on Amazon? – Best Ways with Complete Guide & More   

    How to Find a Specific Seller on Amazon

      Being an Amazon seller is not just about keeping a check on your listings, but also on your competitors’ listings as well. Sometimes it’s aimed at learning a new strategy, taking inspiration, and sometimes it’s just out of curiosity.

      So, how can you find a particular Amazons seller? Does Amazon even let you search for a specific seller?

      Let me answer both of these questions by telling you not one, but 2 simple methods using which you can easily find any Amazon seller you want.

      How to Find a Specific Seller on Amazon?

      seller on amazon

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      Method 1 – Search on Amazon

      Amazon search engine does not give you any option like “search by seller,” using which you can simply type in a seller’s name and then browse through the search results consisting of just Amazon sellers, not products.

      Why? Because there’s simply no need for this specific filter.

      If you search by a seller’s name, Amazon will place that seller’s products at the top of the search results for you.

      Moreover, almost every seller adds their seller name to their product’s name so searching with a seller’s name on Amazon always brings that particular seller’s products at the top of the search results.

      From here, you can simply click on any of the seller’s listings and find the seller name right with the product name.

      Clicking on this name will take you directly to that seller’s storefront, where you can view all products they sell and other information.

      Let’s go through the process step by step.

      First of all, go to Amazon and enter the name of the seller you’re looking for (in this case, “Afco”):


      Here are the search results:

      how to find specific amazon sellers

      The first product is almost always by the seller you’re searching for. To confirm that this really is the case, go to the fist listing:

      amazon sellers

      If you see a different seller here, just go back to the search results and try another product. When you find it, finally click on the seller’s name to go to their storefront:

      amazon page

      It’s really this simple. This is how you can search for a particular seller on Amazon with their name and go to their storefront.

      Let’s discuss the second method now:

      Method 2 – Search on

      SellerRatings is an awesome site that has a complete list of all Amazon sellers along with the details of their storefronts.

      You can search by any seller’s name on this site:

      seller ratings marketplace

      For example, if we search again for “afco” here on SellerRatings, these are the search results:

      seller ratings

      In addition to the seller we were looking for, there is another seller in the search results too that that matched our keyword. Now, if we click on the first one, it takes us to Afco’s Amazon storefront:


      In addition to the seller’s products, you can also see the number of reviews a seller has received in the upper right corner.

      In other words, SellerRatings is simply something Amazon would’ve achieved if they had added the “search by seller” option to their search engine.

      A Quick Recap

      We discussed the two easiest ways to find a particular seller on Amazon:

      • Search the seller name on Amazon, find his listings in the search results, and then open the seller’s storefront from one of his listings
      • Search with the seller name on SellerRatings, and find the seller from search results

      You can easily find any Amazon seller with these two methods, view all of their products and even check their reviews and ratings!

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